With 22 patent attorney professionals 11 paralegals, several staff members, and a singular focus on patent law, BCH provides a high level of skill and service to their clients.  Over our more than decade long existence, the attorneys and staff at BCH have worked in every field of technology and can apply that experience to your patent portfolio.

Example technologies include: 

Aerospace, Alternative Energy / Green Energy, Application and operating system software, Automation, Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Chemical formulations, Cloud computing, Coatings, Computer operating systems, Customer service interaction infrastructure, Cyber security, Data analytics, Electronics / Electrical devices, Enterprise Systems, Environmental monitoring, Epoxies, Fiber optics, Food processing, Genetically Modified Organism technology, GPS devices, Handheld device applications and operating system technology, Home and institutional health systems, Image processing, Information Technology, Insurance products, Mechanical devices, Medical devices, Material Science,  Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Network hardware, Optics/Laser Technology, Pharmaceuticals, RF technology, Robotics, Semiconductor memory manufacturing and operation, Sensors and systems, Servers and server farm optimization, Social media, Software defined networking, Storage media, 3D modeling software, Transit monitoring technology, Unmanned aerial vehicles, Web interface technology,  and Virtual machines.

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