With expertise covering all aspects of patent portfolio development and management, Andy has extensive experience preparing and prosecuting patents for many high value inventions. He also has a highly successful Examiner Interview and USPTO appeal practice where he has repeatedly advanced the interests of his clients with respect to their intellectual property assets.

His strong technical background and excellent writing skills allow Andy to handle numerous complex technologies. Although he generally focuses on drafting and successfully prosecuting intellectual property assets relating to computer hardware and software, storage and memory technologies, semiconductors, telecommunication, printing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical, optical, and device process technologies, Andy has also forayed into fields as diverse as mechanical apparatuses, sporting goods, and musical devices, among others. 

In addition to the large patent savvy multi-national corporations that Andy interfaces with on a daily basis, he also works with “garage” inventors and has expertise in guiding innovators from all walks of life in all facets of protecting their intellectual property assets - from shortly after the conception of an innovation through the rigmarole of patent and trademark offices around the globe through the eventual grant, issuance, maintenance, and defense of their well-deserved IP right. 

Clients and colleagues alike appreciate Andy's breadth of knowledge and exacting eye for detail, and recognize him as a force to be reckoned with in the field of intellectual property law. As a result, Andy has cultivated numerous interpersonal relationships with both attorneys and inventors – from grassroots innovators and small-scale operations to Fortune 500 companies. Andy effectively leverages these relationships to generate and grow his disparate IP dockets and continues to zealously protect the rights of these clients while nurturing relationships with new clients. 

The recipient of the inaugural Brooks, Cameron, & Huebsch Rising Star Award, Andy is actively involved in mentoring aspiring patent attorneys and patent agent at all stages of their careers and enjoys discussing portfolio and prosecution strategies, as well as case law in the ever-evolving field of intellectual property with anyone that will listen. As an associate attorney, he enjoyed jump-starting and breathing life into the dockets of many of his colleagues by leveraging the relationships he has developed in the community to generate large volumes of work. The selfless, team-oriented attitude that Andy exudes makes him well respected amongst his colleagues and solidifies his status as an indispensable asset to any team he is on. 

When not advancing the intellectual property rights of his clients, Andy can often be found gardening in the spring through fall or snowshoeing in the winter.  An avid cat enthusiast, he can generally be found year-round cuddling kitties and working to afford delicious sea treats for his kitty overlord.  If you can't find him cuddling kitties, you can probably find him cooking seafood or canning his garden harvests.  Andy is licensed to practice law in the state of Minnesota, is registered to practice before the United State Patent and Trademark Office, and holds the title of Lord of the Sovereign Principality of Sealand.

(612) 997-3142